EFOH – Hydraulic systems design and manufacturing is a BENARD FINANCES & Participation division, which owns INFRA Services. In order to fully understand the setting up of EFOH, background about INFRA Service’s genesis is needed.

INFRA Services, an engineering firm dedicated to urban development, was created in 1986. It is fully independent from big engineering groups. The activity was developed around diverse thematic of planning such as habitation quarters, eco neighbourhoods, trading areas, industrial areas, burgs places, town centres, river shores, docks, leisure zone development, and also industrial sites intervention for extensions, conformity updates or other development projects.

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Since its creation, INFRA Services made rainwater management its specialty, its red wire, for every project conception. It showed the strong will to use tools such as “integrated rainwater management” as a landscape integration vector, and mostly an economic project vector, which is the strategy of INFRA Services since 1986.

Alternative rainwater management have been generalised on every project designed by INFRA services, both for public and private clients.

The hydraulic department specialized itself on the integrated rainwater management technologies, allowing its clients to beneficiate strong financial saves and ecological improvement. This project process has been certified ISO 14 001.

Integrated rainwater management naturally became a determinant element for ecologic and economic saves. The hydraulic department has been structured in order to offer INFRA Service’s clients its expertise on complementary project management missions, partly generated by rainwater management to the plot such as hydraulic visas, post-project controls, and detailed technique controls which go beyond traditional missions of construction control.